Monday, September 12, 2011

SkinnyBodyCare Event in NEWARK!

We had a great time at the event on Saturday!!
BTW, holy cow. This thing is bigger than we could
have even imagined. We are in at the right time.
We are all potential millionaires. We could
seriously have beach front Malibu mansions and
personal chefs with this company (my fun
dream-LOL) !!! Whats yours?!!! It is all possible
with SkinnyBodyCare—once I understood those
infinite generational matching bonuses which I
didn't "get" until Saturday!!!

3 to be free!!!

Let's get fired up. If any of you are planning on
going to Vegas, let me know.

Looking forward to an INCREDIBLE ride. We are just
getting started. Let's get COOKIN'!!!! he message in
Newark was, all we have to do is just share our
movie!!!! Get creative and JUST DO IT!!!


Sarah J. CIon
(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256


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