Saturday, September 10, 2011

Using a Tracking Tool is EASY and FUN!

Holy Moly!

Have you used the tracking tool? It's amazing.
Most of the time, I just go to Wendy and Tim's FB
page, and copy what they do, post on my own wall
with my tracking link, and go to my back office.
I get between 10-30 hits every time I post. Give
it a try. It might encourage you to see how many
hits you are getting each time you post!

How to Use Your Tracking Link

1. Okay, so if your link is:

Then you would add: /?SOURCE=facebook the link you would post would now look like

or if you posted on Craig's list you could post:

Then, you can log into and
click on Source Statistics. it will show you how
many people clicked on the link from that

Let me know if this works!!!

Sally :-)

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