Friday, September 9, 2011

19 Pounds Lost in 17 Days! WOW!!!!

I just got the most FABULOUS email and I just had
to share it with you!!!

It is because of these emails that I am absolutely
commited to Skinny Body Care! This email I
received has given me goose bumps and has brought
great PRIDE for what we are doing here in SBC!

We literally are HELPING people change their lives
in their health & their wealth. It TRULY is all a
matter if you believe or not!


I am a new member but I have FANTASTIC HOPE to
share! I began taking Skinny Fiber on September
20th, 2011. I weighed 318 Pounds. This
morning...17 days later...I weigh only 299 Pounds.
I've lost 4 inches off my waist, and feel GREAT!
The BEST thing is that I was taken OFF 24 x 7 x
365 oxygen BY MY GENERAL PRACTITIONER...Dr. Marcia
Lu of U.N.R. Another of my doctors...Dr. Franze
Statler...supported Dr. Lu's decision and
supported her action. This was done when I had
lost 11 pounds because the FAT wasn't pushing
against my lungs so I could breath better! BOTH
doctors want to know more!

I won't be able to get to New Jersey or to Las
Vegas because of the cost. THIS YEAR! I know I
will have the money next year!

I am downline from you in Ian Hausberg's group

May God Richly Bless You And Your Household! Rev
Raymond G.

Watch the Movie! What have you got to Lose, except
for POUNDS?!!!


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