Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get Healthy AND Rich? Tell Me More!

Hey My Friends!!

I want to personally invite you to watch my
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I would also like to invite you to listen to our live Build
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You can also watch a brief overview at:


Skinny Body Care is a company on the fast track,
with members in over 160 countries. Our product,
Skinny Fiber, flat out works and the testimonials
just continue to pour in helping thousands of
people around the world not only lose weight but,
improve digestion, have more energy, eliminate
toxins, lower blood pressure, increase vitality, and
many, many more benefits are being reported by our

... and our Powerline system guarantees everyone a
check! When is the last time you heard that? It will
also help passively motivate people to join you by
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program just like it did for you. However,
Thursday at midnight is the CUT OFF to receive any
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What really has me excited is our compensation
plan, which pays weekly and monthly and already
has thousands of people earning a very good
income, from a few hundred dollars a week to over
$30,000 a month in just 8 short months!

You can get started for only $75 and that includes
your bottle of Skinny Fiber! There is absolutely
no risk, because we offer a 100% Empty Bottle
Money Back Guarantee!

Just got to http://skinnybodycare(dot)com and
enter your email address under Pre-Enrollee, click
the join button and get started!!!

This business is so simple; all we do is send out
our movie link on the various social networks, via
email, craiglist, classified ad sites etc. In
fact is truly the ultimate online business as I
have not had to leave my home to build my business
and in less than 4 months I have distributors as
far away as Malaysia and South Africa and a team
number in the hundreds from all around the world.

We will teach you our proven marketing systems and
strategies and if you are coachable and teachable,
you can be earning 3-5 figures a month in residual
income plus weekly income, 6 months or less.

Don't hesitate to call me if you have any
questions. Our team, The Skinny Dream Team and
Skinny Body, Fat Wallet Team is experiencing
explosive growth, but that is about to go to a
whole new level. Why? Because we are about to air
our very own Skinny Body Care 30 Minute
Infomercial! That is right; Skinny Body Care is
coming to a Television near you!

Now is the time to fully take advantage of this
incredible opportunity, BEFORE it becomes a
household name not after.

Join with us today and lets get healthy and
wealthy together!! Why wait?UPGRADE TODAY!!


(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256

Gold Skinny Body Care Leader
Create a Phenomenal Life for Yourself:
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