Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sally Loses 12 Pounds: Exactly How I Did It!

Sally’s Newsletter, Tuesday, April 13th

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

"When you affirm big, believe big and pray big,
putting faith into action, big things happen."—Dr.
Norman Vincent Peale
1898-1993, Preacher and

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

Well, so far so good with the exercise program! As
many of you know, I’m currently writing the book,
Naturally Thin or Discipline? Insider Secrets of
the Super Slim. Well, I got so inspired, I’m 12
pounds down! Here is a photo of me on day one
and day 60.

From reading all of the insider secrets, I’ve
managed to distill it down to 3 things that have
helped me crack the code to finally shed those
unwanted mommy pounds after 7 years. And those 4
things are:

1. Keep my body from storing fat cells. I do so by
eating every 2.5 hours like clockwork, on a
schedule. So, I eat at 8am, 10:30am, 1pm, 3:30pm
and 6pm.

2. Eliminate cravings. I do so by eating delicious
protein bars between the three main meals.
I use the Beachbody ones that I get from:

3. I exercise 6 days a week.

4. I take enough vitamin B and D. Now here’s where
it gets exciting. Anyone interested in this
incredible formula that I’m taking, please write
to me and I”ll fill you in. Hands down, the best
supplement I’ve ever taken. Lovin’ it, and it’s
transforming my life. AND I can help you to get it
for free. Email me at sally@theDILRules.com
for deets.

* * * Color Me Jazzmyne Blast Day! * * *

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Marian L.
Thomas, who is hosting an amazing event called:
The Color Me Jazzmyne 15hr Amazing Grab Bag today
only, on April 13, 2010! Her book recently landed
#2 on the Amazon Bestseller list.

Marian is giving away 10 great freebies worth over
$1200, There are 10 Amazing companies contributing
these amazing bonus gifts and trust me, there is
something there for everyone!

However, the BIGGER purpose of April 13,
2010-Blast day, is that 15% of the proceeds from
her book are going to help children who have
become victims of abuse. What great satisfaction
there is in knowing that one purchase of a book
can help these children. Marian is contributing
15% to The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. They
are so excited to be a recipient. They are posting
it on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

And don't let me forget to tell you about The 15hr
Amazing Grab Bag! One of the exciting attractions
happening today is The 15 hr Amazing Grab Bag!
Some of the great prizes include:

A $50 TjMaxx gift card, Avon and Mary Kay products,
jewelry by Silpada, Bestselling Books, a Silpada Gift
Certificate, Radio Guest Appearances, author
interviews and so much more! It is really going to
be a Blast, so make your purchase TODAY and
get in early! Here' s the link—go have a Blast and
share this email with everyone you know—it's for a
great cause!


p.s. Marian will be live & on-air that day so don't
forget to check the times and online links that
are on the website as well.

* * * Kidz Possible Launch! * * *

Getting a job is no easy task in this economy.

Getting a job that you LOVE—one that uses your
passion and gives you a sense of fulfillment— is
darned near impossible!



I just read one of the best guides I've seen in a
long time! It shows you step-by-step how to find
the job of your dreams!

The course is created by the founders of Kidz
Possible, a company that shows kids why NOTHING
is impossible! If these gals can show kids how to
achieve literally ANYTHING they can dream, then
surely they can do the same for adults!

You can download this guide, plus a complete audio
course—including workbook that makes it
step-by- step simple—PLUS tons of killer
bonuses! You'll find the entire package at:

Check it out now!


* * * A BEAUTIFUL and Life-Changing Book * * *

Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform
Your Life by Lauren Mackler

Many people spend years waiting for a soulmate.
Others settle for unfulfilling relationships out
of fear of being alone. Solemate is about
mastering the art of aloneness, but it’s not about
being alone. It’s a groundbreaking roadmap to
achieve a greater sense of wholeness and
well-being on your own or in a relationship.
Bestselling Solemate, by renowned coach and Life
Keys radio host Lauren Mackler, provides practical
tools for gaining greater mastery of your life,
and becoming the person you were born to be.

Order your copy of Solemate today by going here now:


* * * Courage and Lessons Learned * * *

Is there something you’ve wanted to do for a long
time—enroll in a class, reconnect with an old
friend, run a 5K? Maybe it's time to take the
first step—that’s courageous, in and of itself.

My dear friends Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D. and
Rosemary Lichtman, Ph.D. would like to support and
inspire you on your journey. Read their new
e-book, Courage and Lessons Learned, by logging on
to their blog. You'll find practical tips about drawing on
your own strengths to develop the courage and resilience
you need to create the life you want.

Simply go to the box on the left of the blog post
where you can join their email list and receive
the e-book free of charge. You'll get an email
confirmation and the link to download your own
copy, in PDF format. Here's to the courage to
begin re-writing your own story. So go here now!


* * * Inspirational Thought * * *

"If people knew how hard I worked to gain my
mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful."
1475-1564, Painter, Sculptor
and Architect

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget to
mother-in-law, if only to ask how she is 

With gratitude,

Speaker, Radio Personality and
International Media Specialist
co-host, "Blurb!" www.blogtalkradio/blurb


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