Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The DIL Rules iAPP has ARRIVED!

Sally’s Newsletter, Friday, March 26th

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on
facts filed away just below the conscious level."
—Dr. Joyce Brothers
, Psychologist and
Television Personality

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

Hi there! I want thank each and every one of you
for your wonderful support for The Daughter-in-Law
Rules over the months! If you hadn't heard, I was
able to get an iPhone app programed—it's a DIL Rules
Quiz that you can download for free by going to the
iAPP store on an iPhone and punching in:


You will see this:

And this:

Anyhoo, it's a fun thing, and I thought that maybe
your friends might get a kick out of it!

* * * Naturally Thin, or Discipline? * * *

As well, as many of you know, I'm currently
working on another book called, Naturally Thin or
Discipline? Insider Secrets of the Super Slim
where I am interviewing 101 skinny ladies and
getting all their secrets. In fact, since writing
the book I have dropped 10 pounds from learning
some of the insider tips and tricks!!! You can
see a bit of a before and after so far here. I am
aiming for a mid-summer/early fall release.

* * * Wanna be Thin, Happy, Healthy and Rich? * * *

As you may know, I've been very active online for
the last couple of years and made a lot of great
contacts with some bestselling authors and some
really successful folks who are supporting people
to create 6 figure incomes in the next 18 month. I
wanted to share it with you, since many of you who
read this newsletter I have found to be highly
motivated, high energy people that love success!

I’d love to introduce you to my new business
partner: the amazing Dr. Joe Rubino, who perhaps
you've already heard of. He is a multi-millionaire
entrepreneur and the best-selling author of 11
books available all over the world in 23
languages. He’s been supporting people to create
life-changing incomes for 19 years. He’s been on
the cover of Success Magazine and he’s featured in
the new hit movies, The Opus and The Journey. You
can check him out at: www.DrJoeRubino.com. I think
you’ll really enjoy speaking with him!

Dr. Joe asked me to think of 5 people that I
admire and appreciate and who might be interested
in creating an income of $450 to $2300 per month
part time to start and continuing on to $10,000
per month and more. If you would like to know more
about what we are doing, please let me know and we
can set up a time to chat. I can also email you
more info. By the way, I am very picky about this
stuff, however I'm am personally very impressed by
this and think you will really like it as well.

* * * Free Book Giveaway! * * *

And now, more about my friend and colleague Dr.
Joe Rubino, who is one of the world’s foremost
experts on self-esteem and the creator of The Self
Esteem System.

Or you may know him as the author of 10
best-selling books available worldwide in 23
languages on how to live your best life and create
business success.

Or you may know Dr. Joe as a transformational life
coach whose 3 personal development fables are
currently being developed into a Trilogy of
feature films (like Lord of the Rings.)

He reinvented himself from being a resigned and
introverted dentist through the process of
personal development, transforming himself into a
visionary leader committed to impacting the lives
of at least 20 million people.

But I bet you do NOT know his whole story.

You see…to support his transition from resigned
dentist to renowned life coach and author, he
needed to first replace his significant 6-figure
income as a dentist so he could devote his life
full time to championing others to be their best.
And he did this in 18 months through the vehicle
of network marketing.

Dr. Joe then detailed exactly how he was able to
create wealth in a tell-all book entitled…

Secrets of Building a Million Dollar Network
Marketing Organization from a Guy Who’s Been There
Done That and Shows You How to Do It Too!

…so that anyone could duplicate his success.

And now, he’s making that same book that has been
a perennial best-seller at $17.95 US in 11
languages available to you for FREE! You pay only
a small shipping and handling fee.

If you are interested in learning the exact
methodology that caused SUCCESS Magazine to
feature Dr. Joe on their cover and in their cover
story entitled “We Create Millionaires: How
Network Marketing’s Entrepreneurial Elite are
Building Fortunes at Breakneck Speed” pick up your
FREE paperback copy now while supplies last.

Get your quality bound paperback copy now at:


Secrets of Building a Million Dollar Network
Marketing Organization has been called “one of the
best books ever written to support anyone to
create wealth at home.” It has sold more than
200,000 copies and it’s yours FREE (just pay a
small S&H fee) for a limited time while supplies

* * * Inspirational thought * * *

"Create a definite plan for carrying out your
desire, and begin at once, whether you're ready or
not, to put it into action." —Napoleon Hill

1883-1970, Author

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget to
mother-in-law, if only to ask how she is 

With gratitude,

Sally :-)

Speaker, Radio Personality and
International Media Specialist
co-host, "Blurb!" www.blogtalkradio/blurb

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