Friday, January 16, 2009

The #1 Secret for Getting PR: Be TIMELY!

One of the things that I learned at the Publicity
Summit was the quickest way to get publicity is
to be timely. So creating a media calendar for
yourself can be an invaluable tool for getting
publicity online. That is, writing down all the
times of the year that your topic could be
relevant to pitch the media in your niche market.
You can even check Chase's Directory of Annual
Events to see if there are any holidays that
specifically relate to your topic.

For example, after finding out that the 4th
Sunday in October was "Mother-in-Law Day," I
googled "Wedding Blogs" and "Mom" related blogs,
and sent this pitch around to a few of the top
ranking ones:

October 26th is Mother-in-Law Day
How To Turn Your Mother-in-Law From Your
Biggest Critic into Your #1 Fan in 3 Simple Steps!

... and asked them if they would like to post a
review or a pre-prepared Q&A and do a giveaway on
their site (I offered a few eBooks - doesn't cost
me anything and gets the word out and the buzz
going about my book.) I got several responses,
and got a bunch of traffic that month.

Another example: I set up a google alert for
"Mother-in-law" and I was alerted to the fact
that Joe Biden's MIL passed away a couple of
months ago. So I emailed this pitch to a
high-ranking site for moms called

Joe Biden's Mother-in-Law Dies How to Make Peace with Your
Mother-in-Law, Before it's Too Late!

They did an article, quoted me as an expert and mentioned my book as well:

Then, when the news that Obama’s “MIL” was moving
in to the Whitehouse, well, that’s my game, baby!
So, I sent this pitch to AOL Living Home:

Barack Obama's Mother-in-Law to Move into White House
How to Create a Lifetime of Peace With Your In-Laws!

Here is the result:

Then, I figured, okay, hey, why not shoot for the
moon, and leverage the AOL mention. So, I
pitched Fox & Friends, and guess what? Here was
the response:

“Please find out when Michelle’s mom is moving in
and then we would like to have you on the weekend
Fox & Friends around that date. Will need you
here in NYC studio one week from Saturday.”, please tune in on Saturday, January 24th
to see my upcoming appearance on Fox News

Of course, then there is the whole world of
article marketing. One of the best people
teaching this great thing is Jeff Herring, who
provides a couple of free templates to get you
started. I wrote my first two articles in about
20 minutes using these templates. One of the
best places to submit your articles is to Here are a few other
places to try:

...and DivaToolBox, of course!!!

You want to make sure not to mention your book in
the article, but rather deliver great content in
the form of tips, dos and don'ts, top 10 lists,
etc. You then make sure that you utilize the
resource box to your advantage. Be sure to have
all of your information, and something that
really helps is to offer some sort of free
giveaway as well. Here is the example of the
bi-line that I use at the end of my articles:

Please visit Sally “The Self-Publishing Dream
Coach” speaker and author of The Daughter-in-Law
Rules on the web at for
contest giveaways,free bonus gifts,The DIL Rules
newsletter, 101 ways to market your book, product
or service, free music … and more!

With gratitude,
#1 Bestseller

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