Monday, January 5, 2009

The 4:8 Principal

Sally’s Newsletter, Tuesday January 6th, 2009

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

You've got to get to the stage in life where
going for it is more important than winning or
losing. – Arthur Ashe, 1943-1993, American Tennis

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

I don’t know about you, but I’m truly looking
forward to the promise of this new year – I feel
it in the air! I was listening to a fantastic
teleseminar given by Tommy Newbury, the author of
The 4:8 Principal. He talks about getting up in
the morning and the first thoughts that you have
should be lovely, pure, true, gracious and just.
I believe that comes from the bible. In fact, I
just googled it, and it is Philippians 4:8! That
makes sense! He says that our day should be
filled with very carefully planned tv watching,
things that we choose to read and listen to. We
should prepare our iPod with motivational and
upbeat things that will inspire us, and not to
just turn on any old station. And the last thing
we should be thinking before bed should be very
positive. I loved this guy and his message. He
also said to be very aware of everything that
comes out of your mouth, especially when it comes
to what you say to your spouse. Keeping this
principal in the forefront of my mind has helped
me tremendously in just a short period of time.
Kindness of speech is so powerful, and now when I
find myself getting annoyed at my husband, I
remember that what I say should be lovely, pure,
true gracious and just. Except when he put our
bath mat in the washing machine and broke it. I
think there must be an exception to the rule in
this particular instance? (LOL)

Happy New Year everyone! Please let me know if
there is anything in particular you would like
to hear about, know about, have me write about,
research. Let me know how I can be of service to
you. I am thrilled that you subscribe to my
mailing list, as it was only last May that the
only people reading this dang thing were my mother,
radio guru Wayne Kelly ( and my
sound-alike and close friend and certified weight-loss
coach Andrea Amador ( I look
forward to an amazing year, and appreciate each and
every one of you!

* * * A Fabulous Author * * *

Just in case you’d like to stay on track, or get back on
if you’ve slipped on your New Year’s Resolutions,
check out my friend Gina Mollicone-Long. She, and
everything she dos is AWESOME and inspirational,
and you will absolutely love what she has to offer!

* * * Inspirational thought * * *

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of
happiness. – George Santayana, 1863-1952,
Spanish-born American Philosopher

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget to call
your mother-in-law, if only to ask how she is

With gratitude,
#1 Bestseller
co-host, "Blurb!"

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Wayne said...

You're so funny Sally! Keep it up! I know more than 3 people are reading your's just people are far to shy to comment. Have an amazing 09!