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Bookmarketing Teleseminar!

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

"By conscious choice and commitment march to the
music of your own drummer, that inner voice that
says keep on – and keep on keeping on!" -Eric
Butterworth, senior minister of the Unity Center
of New York City

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

I always knew I wanted to write a book, but it
didn't seem feasible from all of the stories I'd
heard about how impossible it was to get a book
published. So, when I decided to try anyway, I
went the traditional route, and contacted over
100 literary agents. As the process evolved, I
realized just how hard it really was. Then, I
slowly realized that even if I was lucky enough
to get an agent and a publishing deal, it would
require signing over my rights (and creative
input to an editor) allowing the agency and the
publisher to decide on my book cover, interior
layout, formatting, pricing, release dates, all
which could take between 1-2 years, maybe more.
I was jumping through hoops, when I met an
author in my genre that was “lucky” enough to be
signed to a rather well-known traditional
publishing house, and asked her about her
experience. She shared with me that she had to
sign over her rights, and was only offered a
$3000 advance (that she split with a co-author).
She said that although the company sold 20,000
copies, 15,000 of them were returned—and
destroyed! The book was taken off the publisher’s
roster, and shelved forever.

Out of curiosity, I started to listen to book
marketing teleseminars, and how there were
several advantages to self-publishing. One day, I
walked into a Barnes and Noble, and just for fun
asked if they ever carried self-published books.
The person directed me to their website, where I
found an offer for a free self-publishing guide
from Outskirts Press. Upon further
investigation, it seemed that I could not only be
in charge of my own pricing, interior, be
involved in book design, set my own distribution
discount, order authors copies at a deep
discount, get a free website, but also be
published within 12-16 weeks, all for under
$1000. And that is precisely what I did! My book
looks exactly the way I want it. The cover
designer took my ideas and created something that
was to my specifications, and even exceeded my
expectations. I did my own interior
formatting—something I never thought was
possible. I also received free marketing advice
on a weekly basis. I now had a real product that
was mine, and I own it 100%. It was available
online, with national online distribution through
Ingram and Baker & Taylor. And what a thrill to
hold my book in my hands for the first time!

But now what?

I found out about the best-seller
campaign, a course given by Peggy McColl and
Randy Gilbert. So, I went about creating an
on-line campaign, and took my book to the #5 spot
on, where it's held court in the top
100 in it's category ever since. I made so many
online friends, and got into a pool of authors
who now ask me to promote their books by
contributing mine as a "bonus gift" which creates
even more online exposure on a regular basis.
I also took a course called “Sell Your Book by
the Truckload” which answers the question: would
you rather sell 10,000 copies of your book to
10,000 people, or the same amount of that book to
one person? I was excited about going that route,
but the cost per unit through POD (Print On
Demand) was too high. Therefore, I purchased the
cover art from Outskirts Press, found an off-set
printer, and did a short run of 250 copies, to
test the waters. By this time, I was getting
more and more interested in book marketing, so I
attended Steve Harrison's “Publicity Summit.” I
used these 250 copies as "calling cards" to give
out to the media—a finished product that cost me
only about $2.50/unit.

Because I self-published, I have gained media
coverage from over 65 sources, ranging from radio
and internet, to print and television. My book
reached #2 in Weddings on Amazon, and I recently
appeared on the nationally syndicated show, “The
Daily Buzz.” I was a featured expert on Martha
Stewart Whole Living Radio and Dr. Laura, the #8
nationally syndicated radio therapist in the USA
recommended The Daughter-in-Law Rules as her
“pick of the week.” The DIL Rules was also
chosen as “Hot Book of the Week” in Star Magazine
on Mother’s Day, and the African Women Business
Network has submitted a letter of intent to
purchase 5,000 copies—one for each member of
their organization.

I continue to educate myself. There is a
wonderful site called where
there are free teleseminars that you can download
to your computer or iPod that features interviews
with many people ranging from authors, to
publishers, to media trainers, agents, radio
hosts, producers, distributers and more. I get
ideas from every single class, and try to put at
least one of the ideas into practice from each
speaker that I listen to.

If I hadn't gone the self-publishing route, I
never would have learned so much about
publishing, book marketing, the media, creating
on online presence or special sales. It's a
wonderful way to get started learning about the
business, and to make some contacts so that if
your dream is getting into bookstores, you can
transition into traditional publishing with
confidence. I have made enough contacts so that
I now know several agents and publishers,
book-marketing mentors, printers, copyright
lawyers and editors. However, I am completely
sold on self-publishing, would recommend it to
anyone. And it certainly is and fun rewarding
way for an author just starting out to completely
own your book to do whatever it is that you want
with it. And since I just completed my 2nd book,
I have been asked to teach a 2 day workshop at a
writers conference in February, called, “How I
Became an Bestseller” and have been
asked to contribute an online video course to the
Learning Annex. As well, I received an offer to
serve on the panel of ghostwriters at an ASJA
convention (American Society of Journalists and
Authors) in the spring—all unexpected and
wonderful opportunities! You see, a book opens
doors—it is the biggest and most important
calling card you will ever have. Because as
Steve Harrison points out, very few people get
rich from their book. It is the back-end
products and services that are created from the
book that can make the difference between a
struggling writer to million-dollar author.

* * * A Special Announcement * * *

Please visit me tomorrow, this Tuesday night for a
free teleseminar on how I became an
bestseller. My friend and wonderful writer Elise
Krenzel ( will be the
moderator. Here are some of the topics that we
will be discussing:

• The Top 3 reasons that everyone needs a book
• The 3 types of publishing, and the pros and cons of each
• 5 things you should have on your website
• The importance of your almighty “elevator pitch!”
• The 2 ways to submit a media release, and to whom
• The #1 guaranteed secret for getting PR
• The 3 most important things for getting on national TV
• How to get celebrity endorsements for your book
• How to Turn into a river of gold

So, how do you get on the call?

Dial in a few minutes before 9pm EST tomorrow
nite, Tuesday October 28th to (712) 432-6100 and
enter the passcode 68963 followed by the # key.
We look forward to answering questions and
helping to inspire to towards your dreams!

* * * Inspirational thought * * *

"In every difficult situation is potential value.
Believe this, then begin looking for it." -Norman
Vincent Peale, 1898-1993, American Preacher and
Author of "The Power of Positive Thinking"

With gratitude,

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