Monday, September 15, 2008

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

Life has its own hidden forces which you can only
discover by living. - Soren Kierkegaard,
1813-1855, Danish Philosopher

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

Tonight I attended a wonderful workshop called The guest speaker was
none other than the famous Peter Shankman,
founder of (Help A Reporter Out). One
story that particularly stuck out in my mind was
the experiment about the gorillas in the cage,
who, similar to Pablov's dog, learned not to go
for the banannas because they would get soaked
with ice water every time they climbed a little
podium. But the interesting thing was that the
new gorillas who entered the cage would start to
observe the other gorillas not going for the
bananas, and just followed suit. They didn't know
why, they just didn't go for the banannas because
the other gorillas were not doing it. Peter's
point was that even though we all seem to do
things the way other people do them (because
it's always been done that way) if we are going
to succeed we have to think outside the box and
do things differently. Not only differently but
better. I picked up a copy of Peter's book, Can
We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts that Work - and
Why Your Company Needs Them. Needless to say, I
can't wait to read it! This guy is absolutely
brilliant and any one interested in promoting a
book, product or service would benefit greatly
from reading this book. Stay tuned. I plan on
implementing some of his ideas in next week or
two, and I will be reporting on the outcome!

* * * A Daughter-in-Law Rules Tip of the week * * *

Have Your Child Call Your MIL Regularly

As soon as your stripling is able to carry on a
conversation, dial up your MIL and let the two
yack away. When it's time to hang up, tell Mom
how much the little one misses her and that you
can't wait to see her as well!

* * * A Special Announcement * * *

A couple of weeks back, The DIL Rules was
featured on the Tyra Banks website. To read the
article please visit:

* * * Poem of the week * * *

Home is nothing more
than the center of the heart
A place that only the solitude,
serenity, peacefulness
of a slow and quite mind can access
One dream, one reality, two sides of a mirror:
we the dream, the anti-matter,
the veiled entities,
a self-inflicted condition
for the purpose
of forwarding our Souls’ enlightenment,
a little journey to stretch the muscle...
The barometer to measure
our accuracy on the path
is happiness
Be still as a drop of water
on a moonlit pond
Be inside the single pedal of a rose,
plump, magenta,
oozing with the ripeness of a blood-red paint,
fresh from the tube
squeezed out
with a mouth-watering succulence
Home can be accessed –
just close the eyes and breathe
collect the memories and spin them free
into a web of dandelion fuzz
blown into the atmosphere
Harness the wind and fly forward –
carry your Soul
on the wings of a light breeze
where there is no limitation
With the knowledge that we are all
eternal Souls
comes freedom
With freedom comes peace
With peace comes happiness,
the true purpose and secret destination,
the final frontier
A place yet not a place,
an island but yet a mountain
the sea yet the air,
the earth yet the sky
the galaxy and yet the universe...
Swirling together
into one, giant, cotton candy puff,
all encircled
in the energy force we call love
Each planet, each system containing
its own “Other Side” –
its own parallel,
super-imposed ultra-reality
An eternal resting ground
to regain our strength,
ponder the knowledge
and enjoy the near-perfect imaginings
of our eventual eternal surroundings
that each and every Soul
revolves in and out of
throughout eons of time

by Sally Shields, author of, A Pond Beneath The

* * * Inspirational thought * * *

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn
to relax and wait for the answer. - William S.
Burroughs, 1914-1997, American Novelist and

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget to call
your mother-in-law, if only to ask how she is

With gratitude,


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