Friday, July 18, 2008

Martha Stewart Whole Living Radio with Emily Hoffman

Last night my flight from Rome was delayed for
over four hours, due to inclement weather. Boy,
was I glad when I got back to New York (even
though it was midnight) because I had a national
radio spot set up for the morning at 10am!

When I arrived at 1221 Avenue of the Americas,
there on the 36th floor was an opulent, sprawling
5000 square foot loft space, where many young
people were walking around in shorts, T-shirts
and flip-flops. What a dream job! A laid-back
vibe prevailed and most had smiles on their
faces. Although I didn't get to meet Martha in
person, her larger-than-life photos adorned the
walls, her iconoclasm unmistakably unmatched. I
enjoyed relaxing in the sparsely decorated
expansiveness, sinking deep into the plush
leather chaise-lounge.

When the producer called me in, I had 3 minutes
to get headphones on, check levels, ...and we
were on-air. Emily Hoffman was a real pro and
made the 20 minute interview flow as smoothly as
... a creamy b├ęchamel sauce poured over Italian

As I exited the studio, once on street level, I
stopped by a nearby smoothie stand and ordered a
freshly prepared apple, pineapple spinach drink.
Although I was vaguely missing the historical
magnificence of the Colosseum, Pantheon and the
Cappella Sestina, as I publicly uttered,
"Delisioso!" I was truly glad to be back in New
York, with its gritty, modern architectural
mishmash, smoggy skylines, peculiarly pungent
aromas and all!

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