Monday, August 11, 2008

Children Are the Light!

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of
life's coming attractions. - Albert Einstein,
1879-1955, German-born American Physicist

When we were in the cab going back to the airport
in Rome a couple of weeks back, we started
talking the driver. My husband speaks a bit of
Italian so I was mostly zoning out. Plus, it was
3am! But the conversation turned to music, and
my ears perked up. Between the cab driver’s
broken English and my paltry Italian, I found out
that his hobby was writing poetry and lyrics. He
told me that his dream was to have music put to
his words before he died. I said, "Dude, send me
the lyrics, I'll write you music, no problem!!"
He said that he had envisioned a “We are the
World” type of feeling. So, I gave him my card,
and told him to email me the lyrics. Well, about
a week ago, I got the email, and was quite
touched by his words! So, I wrote a song and put
together a quick demo on Garage Band. I’d love to
share it with you all, even though it’s just a
rough mix, so email me at
if you’re interested and I’ll send you an mp3. The lyrics
are very touching and it’s about peace and saving
children. Right up my alley! I’m going to feature them as
below so that you can get an idea. It was a fun
collaborative effort, and especially apropos as
I’ve also been wrapping up my 2nd book this
week: The Collaborator Rules: 101 Surefire Ways
to Manage (and Stay Friends with) Your Co-Author!
Look for a release date sometime around February

lyrics by Sergio Provenzano
music by Sally Shields
©2008 Safflower Music/BMI

There's a sound that I can hear
very close, so very near
Voices, voices, asking for help

It's the sound we know so well
stories, from so many different places
many children, different faces

So together why don't we try
to save those souls before they die?


Let's encourage all those children
Give them trust within themselves
Show them love and understanding
for the things they do so well!


First a roof where they have shelter
and food so they can grow
Give them peace, and joy of living

This is what the world should show
Let's forget the different colors
and respect the God of others

We must cure the ills and wrongs
so they can finally sing their songs


No more wars and no more weapons
only peace can cure the sin
In this world that we all treasure
It's the only way to win

Oh there's a sound that I can hear
So very close so very near
The children laughing all around us
Now that peace has finally found us!


What a beauty, what a sight
Let's forget whose wrong or right
In this world that we all treasure
Children are the light!

Note: Anyone interested in hearing the music,
please send me an email at
and I’ll get you an mp3!

* * * Inspirational thought * * *

When one has a great deal to put into it, a day
has a hundred pockets. - Friedrich Nietzsche,
1844-1900, German Philosopher

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