Monday, July 7, 2008

The Lou Kelly Show

One of the things that I’ve learned in life is to
be on time, even early and of course, to always
be reliable, accountable and dependable. In my
media training with the fabulous Wayne Kelly, I
learned that the answer to the question “Can you
be on the show?” is “Yes!” So, that is what I
answered when I got called to do a midnight radio
spot with Lou Kelly. My son had woken up
shortly before midnight, so I took the phone with
me as I soothed him back to sleep. However, I
seemed to have drifted off as well, and when I
woke up, it was 12:30am, 15 minutes past the
time of my interview! I called the show and
fortunately Lou was still on the air and we had
a great 30 minute chat about life,
mothers-in-law, understanding your spouse and
other fabulous topics. But boy, was I mortified!
The next morning, I found 3 messages from the
producer on my machine, and I wondered why the
phone hadn’t woken me up ... (it appeared as if
one of my gremlins had gotten a hold of it and
turned off the ringer!) Lou was very
understanding fortunately, said it was a function
of having a midnight show, it happened to many of
his guests, and that he would definitely have me
back on. And of course, we always have to
remember to forgive ourselves. I'm sure glad that
I didn't sleep through the entire thing, though,
and there was absolutely an angel tapping me on
my shoulder waking me up that night!

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