Saturday, June 28, 2008

WTNH Channel 8 New Haven, CT

Today I got up at 4am, drove an hour and a half to
New Haven CT for a 2 and a half minute spot on
WTNH Channel 8 news. Sitting the in green room I
met 2 trainers a local program called the
Largest Loser (a local version of the Biggest
Loser) and 3 dog trainers who were giving pet
safety tips for the hot weather.

Once I got on the air, it actually felt like a
lot longer than 2 1/2 minutes! Time stops when
you're in the heat of the white light but the host,
Christ Valardi was a pro and asked some great
questions, reacted appropriately, and make me
feel very comfortable.

I got home at 9am, and the kids barely noticed
I'd been gone! I spent the rest of the morning
baking whole wheat muffins and playing princess
monopoly with my almost 6 year old, while my 2
year old sat and chewed ice.

I thought to myself, Kelly Ripa really has it
made! Get up, do a morning show for an hour,
come back home, spend the day with the kids, make
a cool 10 mil, hey not a bad life!

At 3pm, I'll be off again, this time to a jazz gig
with a group called 5 play - to play a
fundraiser for Skitch & Ruth Henderson's Hunt
Hill Farm in New Milford, CT.

Skitch Henderson was the founder of
the NY Pops in 1983. He started his professional
career in the 1930s playing piano in the
roadhouses of the American Midwest, his major
break being as an accompanist on a 1937 MGM
promotional tour featuring Judy Garland and
Mickey Rooney. Later, as a member of MGM’s
music department, he played on Bob Hope’s
Pepsodent Show. At NBC Radio, Skitch was the
music director for Frank Sinatra’s Lucky Strike
Show and The Philco Hour with Bing Crosby.

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