Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Be Generous with Compliments!

This week I listened to a bunch of great
interviews, the most surprising of which was one
in which Rick Frishman was interviewing a young
lady named Laurie Puhn. Laurie is a young lady in
her 20’s who has written a book called Instant
Persuasion. Not only is she a best-selling
author, but she is also a lawyer, the host of
her own television show, and a leader in the
field of turning conflict to conversation. She
is an international speaker, was the
spokesperson of T-Moble and was honored with the
Martin Luther King Jr. Award by the Nassau County
Commission on Human Rights.

One of Laurie's tips is to be generous with your
praise and to pass along compliments, and to let
people know when you are impressed with them. I
went home and immediately told my husband what a
great job I thought he was doing at work. I then
lavished praise on my 5 year old daughter for the
great piece of artwork she was doing, as well as
how well she was coming along with her latest
piece on the piano. I gave my 2 year-old son
extra hugs and airplane rides, and enjoyed the
extra giggling. I then took some action and
emailed Lauie Puhn herself, to tell her how
inspired I was by her and that I thought she was
simply fabulous and fantastic! Her interview
really changed my day, and if each of us can
remember to take the time to give a sincere
compliment to someone that we admire and love,
this can go a long way!

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