Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hi there -

I'd like to tell you about an amazing site for
all those authors out there, called Polka Dot
Banner. Jamie Saloff, author of
Transformational Healing, is a fabulous woman
who has set up a place for writers to honor
each-other! She will feature authors in a
special section or put your and your book on the
homepage if something cool is happening such as
getting an award or if you are speaking at a
conference. There are amazing free book
marketing resources (invaluable!), review sites,
forums, contests, and much, much more!

As a self-published author, I have never been
more excited about the opportunities available
out there. Jamie Saloff has created a place for
authors to encourage, support and be an all
around cheering section for each-other.

One other cool thing really quick - if you are
the latest to sign in, your book cover gets
prominently featured in the coveted position of
upper left hand corner - a real incentive to sign
in on a regular basis and start networking with
all the other incredibly inspiring authors out
there! You will certainly enjoy swirling around
in this crystal cocoon when you jump into the world!

Please visit for more

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