Sunday, June 15, 2008

Give Flowers to Someone You Love

This week my 5-year old-daughter was in her first
school play. She asked me if I could get her
flowers. I was so happy she asked, and I wished
I had thought of it on my own! You see, I had
been taking her to some local theater productions
at the Y, and she had noticed that many of the
performers received flowers after the show. The
sheer happiness on her face when I handed her a
bouquet of fresh daisies after the performance
was more thrilling to me that I can express
(even though she was one kindergartener out of
130 children and 5 grades participating). It
reminded me of how important it is to recognize
others for their achievements, no matter how
small they may seem, and how letting others know
how special they are to you is one of the most
important things we can do. Therefore, I chose
the following Daughter-in-Law tip of the week:

* * * A Daughter-in-Law Rules Tip of the week * * *

Mark your Mother-in-law’s three special days in
your calendar, birthday, anniversary (if she has one)
and Mother’s day, and send her flowers. But make
sure that she doesn’t receive a card solely with your
handwriting on it, or she may get the mistaken
impression that her son has forgotten her special
day! Best idea is to become a great ghostwriter,
and have your husband pen it from the both of

* * * A Special Announcement * * *

I am very excited to let you know that The
Daughter-in-Law Rules was accepted by BabySwags,
a company that specializes in promoting pregnancy
and baby related products to celebrity moms,
publishers, editors and various members of the
media. This month, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and
Halle Berry received The Daughter-in-Law Rules in
their baby gift baskets. You can see a picture of
Halle's basket here:

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