Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The HINDSIGHT Book Launch and Twitter Party!

My friend Maryanne Comaroto is launching her amazing
book tomorrow, March 26, 2009,

On Twitter only, she will be having a Twitter
party and giving away 1 autographed copy of her
book every hour from 8-4pm for people who give
their broken heart stories, their HINDSIGHT
aha(!) moments, or times when they fell in love
with themselves, etc. There will be a new
question every hour. You can follow Maryanne on
Twitter @MaryanneLive.

2) Also please purchase the book on Amazon via

3) When people purchase Maryanne's book on March
26 on Amazon they will get a BONUS GIFT of her
"The Big Bad Wolf" video, a fundamental exercise
to find out what matters most to you ~ and how to
get what you really want.

You won't want to miss this wonderful book!

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