Thursday, November 6, 2008

How I Used Affirmations to Become a #1 Bestseller!

When I first signed up for the
Bestseller Campaign course, I created a list of
affirmations for myself. I knew that this course
would take months of dedication and hours of
concentrated work. Many people said that it was
very difficult to reach the #1 position, and that
even so, why spend so much money on a course
that would probably only lead to a few hundred
sales, at best? But I kept affirming to myself,
"I am a #1 bestselling author!"

So, I kept on collecting bonus gifts, and
reaching out to JV partners... month after month,
personalizing each and every note, keeping in
touch with everyone regularly to make sure that I
established a good relationship with them, and
hopefully ensure that they would come through
with their promise of mailing for me on that day
- as the secret to an bestseller
campaign is to get a bunch of people to buy your
book on a certain day, by offering them an
incentive such as free bonus gifts.

Finally, the big day came ... and the server
crashed! I had 101 partners mailing out to their
lists, over a million eyeballs - and the link
didn't work! I was devistated! But due to the
dedication and help of a team of amazing
technical support people, I was able to move the
campaign over to another server, and by 2:30pm ET
the campaign was back up and running. I kept
saying my affirmations.

I reached #15 that day, in the Family
Relationships category. It was a slight
disappointment, because the folks teaching the
class almost guaranteed a top 10 spot. I chalked
it up to the server crash. But I kept affirming.

The next month, I heard back from Dr. Laura that
she had chose the Daughter-in-Law Rules to
feature on her show as book of the week! I was
overwhelmed when the book catapulted up to #5!

But I had my goals - I know I’m stubborn, but I
still believed that I could make it to the #1
spot! So I kept saying my affirmations, over and
over: "I am a #1 bestselling author!"

I was poking around Amazon one day, and realized
that there was a catagory under Home and Garden,
called Wedding Showers. I checked it out and it
seemed as if the competition wasn't as steep
there, and even more appropriate for my book!
So I wrote to Amazon, and had The DIL Rules
switched from Family Relationships to Wedding

I kept writing to bloggers, asking them if they
would be so kind to post about the DIL Rules. I
kept the affirmation going.

This Monday, November 3rd, the DIL Rules hit #1
in Wedding Showers on! I did a little
victory dance all day long! This was a year-long
process, and although I could have given up or
quit, I kept on affirming.

NEVER give up on your dreams! Keep
saying those affirmations and YOU WILL SUCCEED!


Tim said...

Congrats on making it to the #1 spot on! Keep up the great work!

Wishing you continued success,

Tim and Lisa Spooner
Authors of Wedding Planning on a Budget

yettie said...

Hi sis, congratulation on making it to the no.1 spot! am not surprised though because the DIL RULES has already made it to the top in public domain. Your book is a must-read and a life changer.
Hey bloggers, get yourselves a copy!

Yetunde Okafor
Co-ordinator, African Business Women Network.