Friday, June 20, 2008

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

What a thrill when I got a call yesterday from Dr.
Laura Schlessinger's producer - telling me that
The Daughter-in-Law Rules had been chosen by Dr.
Laura to be recommended on her show June 30th! I
guess if you can't be proud on your own blog,
where can you be?

At first I thought that The DIL Rules was going
to be recommended by Dr. Laura in a brief mention
with a bunch of other books, but upon further
inquiry, said producer told me that Dr. Laura
receives approximately 5-10 books a day. At the
end of the week, a huge box gets sent over to
her, from which she picks one or two, and then
does a give-away on her show. So, 25 people will
be able to win a copy of The DIL Rules and you
can be sure I'll be ready to take a screen shot
on that day, just in case the people
who don't win decide to purchase the book anyway!

But once I got down off my high horse, I realized
that the most important thing here is not that my
book might sell a few million copies, or that I
might become the next J.K. Rowling (I am SO
totally kidding!) but rather that the book is
considered to be something that Dr. Laura feels
will be helpful to many, and that is wonderful.
My goal is to inspire more harmony among mothers
and daughters-in-law, and the book having been
chosen is simply verification of my vision.

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