Monday, March 11, 2013

Your future is sure to be sunny with Banners Broker!

I have been doing network marketing on and off for the last decade. Recently it seems, however, that there has been a wave of online companies that promote a new way of making money. People are tapping into the advertising world, specifically that of online marketing, which is a 60 billion dollar industry. For those savvy enough to take note, there is a relatively new company out there that can help the average person make an extraordinary income from the comfort of their own home, by simply tapping into the power revenue sharing world of online marketing! This company is called Banner's Broker. I have been involved for just over a year now, and I can say it is the most exciting virtual opportunity I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with! Simple to do, anyone can learn how to make money with BB. In just a few short steps you can learn how to purchase and qualify "panels" which are, in essence, what advertising people see when they go to a specific website. Most banners that you see displayed on other people's websites are clickable and therefore will lead you to another page. This is a powerful form of advertising and the billion dollar company's such as Google know this. Now we can tap into it ourselves! All we do, is purchase a package, and as each panel reaches it's "Cap" we qualify it with a traffic pack, and voila- our inventory is doubled. A rainbow variety of colors available, each color takes a different amount of time to complete. Some take a few days, others a few months. Whatever package you decide to start with, youyou future is sure to be sunny with Banners Broker! future is sure to be sunny with Banners Broker! Think of it as taking your financial future into your own hands. Exciting, fun and easy to share, I have certainly found a home with banners. Run by professional industry leaders comparative to grammy winners in the music field, you can trust that banners is going to be around for the long haul. While other companies have come and gone, BB is here to stay. Please contact me for more information or you can view a short video on the BB home page at:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Take the Sting out of Online Shopping!

How It Works

Save Time! Search for stores or products
Compare prices on millions of products from hundreds of stores. BeeSavy's comparison shopping engine goes above and beyond by including not only list price, tax, and shipping, but also cash back and coupon discounts—all in one simple interface.

Save Money! Shop online with cash back

When you shop online through BeeSavy, we earn a sales commission on anything you buy. We pass most of this commission on to you as a cash back discount. With one simple search, you can compare prices, find money-saving coupons, and get cash back!

Be Savvy! Save more with exclusive coupons

Coupon discounts will immediately be applied to your order during checkout and your cash back discount will post to your BeeSavy account within 1-4 days. BeeSavy will send you a check or deposit your cash back into your PayPal account once your balance reaches $10.

Earn Money! Refer your friends

BeeSavy pays you 40% commission on all of your referrals' cash back forever. We even pay you 10% commission for all of the people they refer, up to seven levels! There are no hoops to jump through or other gimmicks.

Learn More - Overview

Have you always wanted a personal shopper, but didn't have the money for your own assistant?

BeeSavy is your digital shopping assistant — that pays YOU for the privilege of serving you! BeeSavy scours the internet to ensure that you get the lowest prices on the products you want at the stores YOUlove.
Are you a coupon clipper?

Let BeeSavy do the work for you. We'll do the legwork and find any applicable coupons to lower your price even further.

Want an even sweeter deal? We'll pay you cash back on your purchases!

What could be better than getting paid to shop? Getting paid when other people shop! Tell your friends about BeeSavy, and we'll pay you commission on all of their purchases . . . FOREVER! We'll even provide you with the tools to make getting the buzz out easy.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Get Dressed with Success with Cara Chace!!!

Imagine how much easier getting dressed in the morning would be if you knew exactly what you have and what goes with what. Imagine not trying to remember if you already have a pair of jeans or a pair of heels like the ones you are trying on in the store. Imagine being able to pack for a trip by creating your outfits ahead of time to be versatile and stylish. Apparel Therapy Online offers you this wardrobe ease! ATO is a new and unique online service that gives members access to a virtual stylist and an individualized profile, complete with their own wardrobe. The online community gives you access to advice and interaction with other fashionable friends. Basic accounts are free! Best of all – it’s all accessible anywhere you have an internet connection - computer, tablet, or phone!

Twitter @appareltherapy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Win A Spot In The Virtual Indie Craft Fair

This November, IndieBizChicks and IndiePublic are partnering to bring you The Virtual Indie Craft Fair. I am going to be giving away (1) vendor spot.

As a vendor, you will receive over $400 worth of advertising. You will receive a 125×125 ad on the sidebars of IndieBizChicks and CleverChicks, a featured blog post on IndieBizChicks, a featured ad spot on IndiePublic, a press release that I will write and distribute for you, and more! I’ll also be doing a daily giveaway of a $10 gift card on each featured vendor blog post. This will insure you get the maximum amount of traffic to your featured blog post – allowing you to show off your product to holiday shoppers!

You can see all the details here.

The price of a vendor spot is $99 – but you can win one for free!

Here is how to enter:

You will get (1) entry for leaving a comment on this post
You will get (1) entry for tweeting about this contest (please comment and let me know your Twitter handle, so I can give you credit)
You will get (5) entries for blogging about this contest. You must include the following link in your post:
I will choose a winner at random on October 7 at 5pm Eastern

Friday, September 23, 2011

We have already WON with SBC!!!

Hey, embarrassingly enough, I have not been able
to get to Uri Melendez daily webinar until
last night. Generally I am putting kids to bed at
8pm ET, but on Thursdays he does his webinar at
9pm ET (after the weekly corporate call).

Okay, if I ever had a doubt that SkinnyBodyCare
would give us all financial freedom, that doubt
is erased from my memory chip. Just get to one of
his webinars. Whatever it takes. You will soon be
shouting SkinnyBodyCare from the rooftops. I'm
TELLING you. You will totally see what I mean!!!

*note: (this is a live link only) you actually
have to show up at 8pmET on a Monday, Tuesday
or Wednesday, or at 9pm ET on a Thursday.

The way Uri explains it, just by the mere fact
that we are IN this matrix a at this time, the
monthly corporate bonus pool ALONE will make a
difference in each one of our lives. He did a
little projection game on the webinar and figured
that each one of us would be earning thousands a
month in bonus pool money alone, in due time.
There are currently about 20 thousands SBC
members in just about 9 months. Soon this number
will be in the millions. We just need to have a
bit of a vision! Ben Glinsky takes 5% of the
entire revenue and divides it amongst all ranked
members each month, like so:

We are ALL winners already. But of course, this part
of the compensation plan will take a while to really
build up, so we do not want to just sit around waiting
for it. However, the above is a great reason to GPS:
Get in, Plug in, and DEFINITELY STAY IN!!!!!!

Sarah J. CIon
(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256

Gold Skinny Body Care Leader
Create a Phenomenal Life for Yourself:
this 5 min movie can help change your life...
for the better!

24 Hour Recording of SBC Pay Plan—
512.827.0080 PIN 7853#

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Consider This...

If the owner of a Company, which was expanding
Globally, asked you to refer Quality Employees to
his/her company and as a Reward paid you a 50-95%
Match of Every dollar they earned,

ie: If they earned $1000 per month, you'd be paid
a Bonus of $500-$950 per month, how many people
would you refer to that company? Well such a
company does exist!

To learn more, watch this Company Overview: Copy &
Paste to Your Browser!
http://www.sjcion.sbcpower ~ Take the FREE TOUR!

I also invite you to Join our Live Company
Overview Call Every Night @ 10pm ET/9pm CT/7pm PT:
712-432-0075 PIN 792400#

It's THURSDAY again!

Hi there!!

It's Thursday again! I just wanted to write you a
quick note to share with you what one of my new
International SkinnyBody Biz partners (from Spain!)
did to sign up her first person yesterday.Thought you
might find her perspective interesting!

* * *

Hi Sarah—I sponsored somebody yesterday!

What is so good about SkinnyBody the matrix where
you do not need to do anything but will get paid
and people are going to be filled into your matrix
until you get to the 1618 dollars/month.

I think this is one of the hook ups for people
because a lot of people do not want to talk to
people nor do they want to sell anything.

When my friend heard network marketing she did not
want to hear anything about it until I told about
the matrix.

If they have not made any calculation errors and
this really works, it is a great system and they
will soon become the biggest networking company.
By the way I also told her, since it is a new
company you never know...but hey I also said that
if they have not done any calculation errors and
it works out, this is the best place to be!

I think the moment people see money coming in,
they will get motivated and start talking to their
friends anyway!

—Her Signature

* * *

Friends, if you think that you might like to give
SkinnyBodyCare a try, tonight before midnight
would be a great time to get in. If you have ever
been involved with network marketing and have
never had success, I can tell you, your luck is
about to change.

For the price of one bottle of skinnyfiber a
month, you could be positioned TONIGHT towards
your $1,618.50/month—for doing absolutely
NOTHING but being a customer. You will get your
own free SkinnyBodyCare movie link, so if you do
want to double, tripple and quadruple that figure,
all you have to do is share your link and watch the
magic occur. With an 100% empty-bottle moneyback
guarantee, What have you got to lose but pounds?!!

To upgrade, just go to:, log in
as a pre-enrollee and click JOIN in the upper right hand
corner. Or alternatively, call me and I'll help you directly.

SkinnyBodyCare is, in my humble opinion, the best
company of 2011.

Sarah J. CIon
(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256

Gold Skinny Body Care Leader
Create a Phenomenal Life for Yourself:
this 5 min movie can help change your life...
for the better!

24 Hour Recording of SBC Pay Plan—
512.827.0080 PIN 7853#

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Business Leads in Your Backyard!

This just in from Victoria Harris in the Facebook Group—
I thought it was a brilliant idea as to getting business
leads in your area. What do you think?!!!


This system is a way to create quality prospects
in your local market. The idea is simple. You
approach a popular, lunch establishment and offer
to have a drawing for a free lunch for their
customers every 3-6 weeks. (Best results found in
Mom and Pop restaurants.) Their customers are
happy, because they have a chance to win a free
lunch, and the restaurant owner is happy, because
the promotion brings customers back into their

Step 1:

You simply, place a fish bowl or drop box at the
counter with a sign that says:


Your goal is to place your fishbowl in
establishments where you can generate 50-100
business cards every 3-6 weeks.


These are your leads!!! These are the absolute
best local prospects you can have for your


The fact they have a business card separates them
from the masses. Step one PLACE YOUR FISH BOWL.
Remember you can run this program in multiple

Step two:

When you have 50-100 business cards, do your
drawing. Have the restaurant owner or manager draw
the card.

Step three:

Purchase a gift certificate from the restaurant
owner. Normally, this will be between $10 and $20;
depending on the average cost per lunch.

Step four:

Send the winner a note along with the

Step five:

Replace the fish bowl; leave a couple of business
cards in the bottom (No one likes to be first).

Step six:

Take all the Business cards…these are your leads!

Step seven:

After you collect the cards, send the fish bowl
letter to each person, and or business. Make
certain that you customize each letter to include
important information such as:


Make certain that you hand address each envelope,
this will increase your response rate drastically.
Then enter the names in a database for future

If you will consistently run this program for one
year, you will find quality business partners!

Below is the sample letter to mail to the


Staple or Tape their Business card here

Your Business Name
Street Address
City, State, and Zip Code
Business Number

Hi (Prospect’s Name)!

Since we have similar backgrounds, let me share
the benefits of an additional income stream that
might be of interest to you.

We are currently expanding our business into the
(Insert City’s Name) market place. We have
proven, tested techniques, and marketing systems
that can virtually guarantee your success. You do
not need to know anything about programming,
computer language, java scripts, etc.

If you can check your e-mail, our systems and
programs will work for you. You must have a
minimum of five to ten hours per week to devote to
various marketing projects and programs. To
learn more about who we are and what we do and to
see if you qualify for our program, you can go to
(insert your URL) and request access to our online

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Name
(Your URL here)

Sarah J. CIon
(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256

Gold Skinny Body Care Leader
Create a Phenomenal Life for Yourself:
this 5 min movie can help change your life...
for the better!


24 Hour Recording of SBC Pay Plan—
512.827.0080 PIN 7853#


Monday, September 12, 2011

SkinnyBodyCare Event in NEWARK!

We had a great time at the event on Saturday!!
BTW, holy cow. This thing is bigger than we could
have even imagined. We are in at the right time.
We are all potential millionaires. We could
seriously have beach front Malibu mansions and
personal chefs with this company (my fun
dream-LOL) !!! Whats yours?!!! It is all possible
with SkinnyBodyCare—once I understood those
infinite generational matching bonuses which I
didn't "get" until Saturday!!!

3 to be free!!!

Let's get fired up. If any of you are planning on
going to Vegas, let me know.

Looking forward to an INCREDIBLE ride. We are just
getting started. Let's get COOKIN'!!!! he message in
Newark was, all we have to do is just share our
movie!!!! Get creative and JUST DO IT!!!


Sarah J. CIon
(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome to September! Set a Goal!

Happy September!

Hope you are all easing into September with ease!
Just a quick note to let you know that we had a
great team call last night. Great words of wisdom
from many of the team leaders and I pitched in
with a little nugget I got from the book I'm
reading called, "Being the Best You Can Be in MLM"
by John Kalench. He spoke about making sure when
you get a new enrollee, train slowly, in stages.
Don't overwelm. Just give them the smallest
amount of information such as, "here is your movie
link." Then, you can drip info on them as time
goes by. Sure, it is important to give them a
quick back office orientation and let them know
about the team training site, but let that be
all. We all have busy lives and can relate to
being overwhelmed. Giving someone their movie link
and telling them to go share it with enthusiasm
is enough on day one! Let me know what you think!

Also, I have put together a simple little reverse
marketing email that I send back to anyone that
sends me an opportunity via email. Please feel
free to use/adapt etc.

One last thing—I am un-blinding the emails on
this email today. Please let me know if any of you
want to be removed, or if you see that there are
people on your team that are not currently on this list
that you wish me to add, please send me a note with
their email address and I will add them asap.


Hi there, Scott!

I really want you to take a look at something! 5
minutes tops-promise!!!

Scott, I completely and totally honor your
commitment to your opportunity! However, I am
excited and proud to show you this one!!! Under 7
months young the top earners have already broken
the 30K/month mark.

It's proving to be SO duplicatable!!!

It would be an honor to have someone of your
caliber consider joining me!!!! You would be

[Your Sig]

Sally aka Sarah J. Cion
(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256

Gold Skinny Body Care Leader
Create a Phenomenal Life for Yourself:
this 5 min movie can help change your life...
for the better!