Friday, September 23, 2011

We have already WON with SBC!!!

Hey, embarrassingly enough, I have not been able
to get to Uri Melendez daily webinar until
last night. Generally I am putting kids to bed at
8pm ET, but on Thursdays he does his webinar at
9pm ET (after the weekly corporate call).

Okay, if I ever had a doubt that SkinnyBodyCare
would give us all financial freedom, that doubt
is erased from my memory chip. Just get to one of
his webinars. Whatever it takes. You will soon be
shouting SkinnyBodyCare from the rooftops. I'm
TELLING you. You will totally see what I mean!!!

*note: (this is a live link only) you actually
have to show up at 8pmET on a Monday, Tuesday
or Wednesday, or at 9pm ET on a Thursday.

The way Uri explains it, just by the mere fact
that we are IN this matrix a at this time, the
monthly corporate bonus pool ALONE will make a
difference in each one of our lives. He did a
little projection game on the webinar and figured
that each one of us would be earning thousands a
month in bonus pool money alone, in due time.
There are currently about 20 thousands SBC
members in just about 9 months. Soon this number
will be in the millions. We just need to have a
bit of a vision! Ben Glinsky takes 5% of the
entire revenue and divides it amongst all ranked
members each month, like so:

We are ALL winners already. But of course, this part
of the compensation plan will take a while to really
build up, so we do not want to just sit around waiting
for it. However, the above is a great reason to GPS:
Get in, Plug in, and DEFINITELY STAY IN!!!!!!

Sarah J. CIon
(718) 543-5524
(917) 674-6256

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