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Sally’s Newsletter, Tuesday, August 10th

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

"Most great men and women are not perfectly
rounded in their personalities, but are instead
people whose one driving enthusiasm is so great it
makes their faults seem insignificant." —Charles A.
, Author

* * * Explodium! * * *

You probably know that it's almost impossible to
get along in this "age of technology" without
participating in Social Networks. But if you're
anything like me, you probably also find them
challenging—even though you know you need to
be part of them. That's how it's been for me.
Well, this is about to change, thanks to
Explodium, a FREE program that integrates social
networks, a huge shopping mall and games all in
one site. It took 2 1/2 years and millions of
dollars to create. Read about it below.
What is Explodium? It's an amazing FREE program
that integrates all major social network sites
(Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc), with the
largest on-line shopping mall (over 1,000 popular
stores offering big savings) and the largest
gaming site (created by the people who created
Game Show Network).

Explodium PAYS YOU to join and pays you
commissions on 7 levels down when anyone in your
Explodium Family shops in any of the stores in
the Mall! (That's like receiving Affiliate Income
from multiple sources, without having to sign up
for all the Affiliate accounts!)

Explodium has online tours so you can learn
about the amazing featurs of this all-in-one site.
Not only that, the company will also soon TRAIN
YOU in on-line video Webinars! Finally, YOU WILL
KNOW HOW TO UTILIZE the many features and benefits
of Social and Business networks, take advantage of
huge savings and discounts when you shop online,
and earn income. It's FREE and everything is
linked to your Explodium site!

Join at

It costs you nothing and will change the way you
promote yourself, shop, play and communicate

NOTE: After you register at the site, click the
Refer tab. Go there and create your Referrer ID.
Your Referrer ID is needed for the link you send
your friends and family. Instead of "VIP," your link
will have your personal referrer ID at the end.

* * * Joe Rubino * * *

Check out Two New Life-Impacting Videos on
Self-Esteem Elevation

Just imagine what your life would be like if you

* Be More Energetic, Successful and Flourishing
* Experience more Prosperity and Abundance *
Be More Magnetic and Charismatic * Feel
Positive, Optimistic and Victorious * Live more
Intensely and Passionately * Achieve higher
Productivity and Effectiveness * End feeling
sorry and pitiful * Have More Flair and
Charisma * Be in a Winning Mood all day long
* Feel More Beautiful and Attractive * Stop
procrastinating * Be Irresistible and Exuberant
* Feel more Relaxed, Worry-free and Easy Going
* Be More Persuasive and Convincing * Feel
Happier, More Fortunate and Upbeat * Be free of
Fears, Doubts and Uncertainty * Experience more
Joy, Fun and Playfulness

This all happens automatically—almost
MAGICALLY—when you simply improve your level of
Self-Esteem...It's THAT Powerful! Dr. Joe
Rubino, one of the world's foremost experts on
self-esteem elevation has just released two new
videos that were produced in a "PBS" style format
for television. I'm confident that you will find
them to have the potential to be nothing short of

Look inside yourself for a moment and examine
closely these areas where most people struggle.
Think about how you could improve upon these
important aspects of your lifeÖ.

- Earning a Living - Are you finding yourself
challenged to make ends meet every month no
matter how hard you try?

- Controlling your Emotions - Do you have
feelings that result in overeating, overspending,
procrastination or addictions such as drinking,
smoking or using drugs?

- Dating - Are you one of Millions who have
trouble attracting and developing a rewarding
relationship with the right person?

- Dieting - Do you find yourself obsessed with
food (especially all the wrong foods) - no matter
how hard you try to resist the urge to eat

- Marriage - Do you find your relationship
plagued by miscommunication or worse, non
communication, all too frequently?

- Parenting - Do you have challenges raising
happy, strong and emotionally healthy children
with productive values and beliefs?

- Divorce - Whether you are headed for divorce or
are already divorced, do you want to either learn
how you can save your precious marriage or how to
avoid the same destructive relationship problems
in the future?

- Anger Management - Do you tend to blame others
for everything that goes wrong or do you simply
lose control over yourself every now and then?

- Applying for a Job - Are you having challenges
landing your dream position?

- Entrepreneurship - Do you have a struggling
business that is not reaching its full potential
or are you experiencing difficulty making it work?

- Dealing with People - Does your shyness and
insecurity hinder powerful communication and your
ability to influence people?

- Speaking in Public - Do you feel nervous or
uncomfortable in front of others or are you unable
to find the right words at the right moment?

- Business - Do you experience difficulty
obtaining the level of success you truly want and

- Life in General - Do you experience feelings of
fear, discomfort, procrastination, listlessness,
indecisiveness, being unloved or unlovable, or
being guilt-ridden every once in a while?

You will find the answers to achieving these and
many more life breakthroughs in these two
acclaimed videos.

Plus, save $10 when you purchase both now and get
instant access. Go here now and check it out!

* * * GREAT Workout CD! * * *

There is a LOT to like about Booty Camp! First of
all, knowing that it's only 30 minutes, is great
incentive to push play. Nikki keeps it moving,
which is great! The warm up is quick and
effective, and the time between moves is rapid,
which keeps the heart-rate up.

It is also really interesting to have the camera
pan between Mexico, New York and other locations,
to keep it visually interesting. And you don't
even miss the music, although Nikki suggests you
could add your own sound track or download tracks
from her site. Although the wind blowing thru the
microphone is a bit distracting in some of the
scenes, the other background sounds in mexico such
as seagulls and waves, make a most pleasant
accompaniment to a most beautiful backdrop.

Nikki combines both cardio and weight resistance
training, and multi-tasking moves that really do
save you time! At the end of the 30 minutes,
there is a 5 minute stretch, or you can also
extend the workout with some gentle yoga.

Nikki, in my opinion, has the ultimate body that
highlights her femininity, strength and she is
beautifully toned in all areas. Not to mention,
she is beautiful to boot! She is certainly fun to
watch and work out with, and she has a mega-watt
smile throughout the entire DVD, which makes it
fun and encourages the viewer to go through the
workout with a great attitude.

As a home workout video junkie, this particular
video is at the top of my list. It's unique,
quick-moving, effective, and because of the
variety, will not get boring. Today was my 3rd day
in a row doing the video and I'm looking forward
to continuing to push play. 5 stars! For more
info, please visit:

* * * Inspirational Thought * * *

"It's really important that you feel good. Because
this feeling good is what goes out as a signal
into the universe and starts to attract more of
itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the
more you will attract the things that help you
feel good and that will keep bringing you up
higher and higher." —Joe Vitale, 
Author and

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget to
mother-in-law, if only to ask how she is 

With gratitude,

Speaker, Radio Personality and
International Media Specialist
#1 Bestseller of
co-host, "Blurb!"


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