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Uncover Something Startling!

Sally’s Newsletter, Tuesday, September 29th,

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

"You must go after your wish. As soon as you
start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and
everything has meaning." —Barbara Sher, 

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

This week I read about a cool marketing tip. A
reader scheduled a one hundred year long book
promotion. Is it a joke? Definitely not! He
scheduled one hundred tweets (one tweet a year)
with a link to his eBook available for free from
Feedbooks. I liked the concept, but figured I’d
make it more applicable. So I went to (previously
and scheduled 101 tweets for the next 101 days.
Something cool happened: when I got to the 101st
tweet, it cooincided with December 31st, 2009. A
sign, perhaps? Then, the next day, my kids and I
were sitting down to watch a family movie and
Brigadoon was on. Brigadoon tells the story of a
mysterious Scottish village that appears for only
one day every hundred years, though to the
villagers, the passing of each century seems no
longer than one night. Oh, and in the following
announcement, notice the mention of "100 years."
There is also an annoucement of Author 101 University,
with an $100 off special. A theme seems to be at work
today, no?

* * * Uncover Something Startling! * * *

You are moments away from learning about something
that is silently shaping our world. This is not only
urgent, but is one of the most important issues
facing us today.

How much better might your life be if you could
stay ahead of the curve on an issue people know
virtually nothing about? Wouldn't it be even better
to know about something that has been ongoing
for over 100 years? Something that may be affecting
your life or the life of a loved one right now, and
you may not even know it yet? Better still, wouldn't
you like to do something about it? Something wonderful?

You can today, on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009.

Over the next 24 hours you will have the
opportunity to uncover something startling. In the process
you'll make a positive contribution to the future and receive
dozens of fantastic bonus gifts for doing so, but only when
you buy the book "Valley Fever Epidemic" today, Tuesday,
September 29th.

The experts know just how important this topic is. Here are
some comments from those that have read "Valley Fever

"This is a disease that many would just as soon
sweep under the rug—you've laid the dust out where all can
see!" —Sandra Larson Executive Director, Valley Fever America's
Foundation and the Valley Fever Vaccine Project of the Americas: A
Rotary District 5240 Project

"All Pregnant Women Should Read This Incredible
Book! This book is a must for all doctors and pregnant women,
especially those who live and/or visit an epidemic area!"
(Pregnancy puts people at a higher risk for Valley Fever's worst
symptoms.) —Maria Nordstrom, Kansas

"Thank you for writing this book. [David and
Sharon have] done a great thing for mankind...If you only buy one
book this year, make sure you buy Valley Fever Epidemic."
—Pat White, Vallley Fever political activist

You owe it to yourself and those you love to learn about this
epidemic. Be empowered to take charge of your health!
Visit the campaign page for "Valley Fever Epidemic" at to see
every incredible bonus gift offered by our caring sponsors.

Stay ahead of the curve and learn what you need
to know to keep yourself and your family healthy.
The incredible bonus gifts offered with this book have
the chance to change your life, but you have to
get Valley Fever Epidemic today! This offer is real and was
created for you. You are in the right place at the right time.
The time is NOW!

Buy Valley Fever Epidemic through the underlined links at

* * * You Can Make a Difference! * * *

How about making a difference? Marie Fostino,
author of Alzheimer's A Caretakers Journal is
taking donations for the Alzheimer's Memory Walk
in Phoenix, Az. You can click on the link below
and help find a cure for this terrible disease.

Today an estimated 5.3 million Americans are
living with Alzheimer's. In addition, 78 million
baby boomers are approaching the age of greatest
risk for developing this fatal disease. Now is the
time to ACT to end this epidemic!

This year, to support those affected by
Alzheimer's, I'm participating in the Alzheimer's
Association Memory Walk® to raise funds and
awareness to fight this disease.

The Alzheimer's Association is the leading
voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care,
support and research, and funds I raise will go
directly toward supporting their efforts.

I know I can make a difference with your support!
Will you consider making a donation? It's easy to
give online by following the link below.

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity
—together, we can help end Alzheimer's!

To visit Marie's personal web page and help her in her
efforts to support Alzheimer's Association Desert
Southwest Chapter, please click here:

* * * A Very Cool Dude * * *

Help Sponsor my friend, Derrick Hayes to Speak in

Derrick Hayes will be presenting at C-E-O
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October 30-31 in Las Vegas

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the event. You know Mark—right—the guy who has sold
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Mark Victor Hansen will teach you how to sell "gazillions" of books.
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Mary Glenn from McGraw Hill will teach you about publishing.
Alex Carroll will teach you about radio publicity.
David Hancock will teach you about publishing.
Rick Frishman will teach you about publicity and publishing.

Many more speakers are being added: James Malinchak,
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* * * Inspirational thought * * *

"There are no limitations to the mind except
those we acknowledge; both poverty and riches are
the offspring of thought."
—Napoleon Hill
, Author of, Think and Grow Rich

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget 

 your mother-in-law, if only to 
 how she is 

With gratitude,

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International Media Specialist
co-host, "Blurb!" www.blogtalkradio/blurb
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