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Sally Visits the Hearst Towers-Home of O Magazine!

Sally’s Newsletter, Thursday, April 21st, 2009

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

"The important thing is not being afraid to take a
chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not
try. Once you find something you love to do, be
the best at doing it." —Debbi Fields,
Founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies
* * * Sally Commentary * * *

About a month or so ago, I received an email from
a woman named Terry Grahl at the request of a
mutual friend, Kim Lampe (check out her amazing
blog at: Terry
started a company called Enchanted Makeovers: It is a non
profit volunteer organization that transforms
shelters for women and children into places of
peace and possibilities; not just where basic
needs are met, but spiritual needs for hope and
beauty also. I was so touched by her work
and vision and I knew immediately that I wanted
to be connected to her. When we spoke, it was
like we had known each other forever.

One of the things that has been on my vision
board for more than 2 years is a picture of
Oprah. Terry wrote to me last week of an
opportunity for women in NYC to apply for O
Magazine (that’s Oprah, folks!) “Real Women”
fashion shoot. Last Thursday morning, I got the
chance to go to the Hearst Tower for a
pre-interview. This is the world working in a
big mysterious ways. A big shout out to my dear
friends Terry Grahl and Kim Lampe. I am so grateful
to have met these amazing women and it is a big
reminder of how friendships are truly one of the
biggest blessings in the world.

* * * Sally and Sharon, Together at Last! * * *

Today, April 21st, at 12pm E.T., I will be
joining Sharon of Coaching From Spirit
Institute on her Blog Talk Radio show,
“Empowering Spiritualpreneurs”.

Sharon will be interviewing me about some of the
easy and practical ways you can use to get
started in promoting your business to the world
(and maybe even writing your own book!) – this
is a show you won’t want to miss if you are
trying to grow your business as a

During this 60 minute show on Blog Talk Radio, I
will be sharing with you the top reasons that
everyone needs a book (and can write one!) the 5
things that you should have on your website, the
#1 guaranteed secret for getting PR, and much

You can join us on the air from either the phone
or the computer. All the instructions are at:
And, you can call in to listen at: (646)

What we share with you on this Empowering
Spiritualpreneurs show is going to show you how
to navigate the ins and outs of getting the word
out there about your business...

It is all about knowing what to do—and I’m
going to shorten your learning curve!

I’m going to tell you about why networking is so
important, and what it means to utilize an
“elevator pitch” (one of the most effective PR
tools out there!).

I’ll discuss the importance of submitting a media
release—and HOW to do it!

AND, I’ll share with you some ways that giving
back can actually double your income– and help
you feel good too.

Join us in about an hour, that is, Noon EST
Today, Tuesday, April 21st to for this unique
show that is going to accelerate your success as
a Spiritualpreneur!

* * * Another Special Offer from Sharon * * *

"The Missing Element to Your Spiritual Coaching
Success …

"Learn the Amazing Secret to Recession-Proofing
Your Coaching Business and Experience Unshakable
Success and Peace of Mind in ANY economy!"

Special class with Founder and Chief Inspiration
Officer Sharon Wilson from Coaching from Spirit

On Thursday, April 23rd, you'll discover this
very "Element" when you attend a very special,
complimentary (this means FR.EE!) teleconference
call. It happens at 8-9:30pm ET /5-6:30pm PT.

You'll also have the opportunity to jump start
yourself to further success by hearing from our
special guests and leading experts panel and then
having all your questions answered during
Sharon's special Q & A session.

Just for registering, you'll receive a special
bonus...Sharon's 7 day e-course, "Success From

In it you'll enjoy astonishing (and easy!)
success in your business by applying unique
spiritual principles from an entrepreneur's

Plus, just 3 lucky listeners at the end of the
call will W.I.N. one of the 3 C.A.S.H. prizes!
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When you attend this powerful call, you'll be
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But you have to be on the call to get this info!

To discover the "Missing Element" and reserve
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the "The Missing Element to Your Spiritual
Coaching Success" teleconference and be present
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Make sure that you have a notepad and pen ready
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to 10 minutes early. More than 1,000 people are
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The only way to make sure that you get a seat is
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If you're looking for elemental strengths to add
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* * * An Exciting New Book Offer * * *

David Riklan, the President and Founder of the #1
Self Improvement website in the world,, has tapped the minds of the
greatest experts of our time and pulled together
something that will blow your mind. David is
offering a revolutionary and brilliant idea
delivered in the format of 101 of the greatest
success secrets of our time, brought together
with a never-before-offered shocking bonus gift
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have it ALL for less than $15!

Let me attempt to paint this magnificent picture
a little clearer. You will get 101 quick, simple
and—most importantly—proven success secrets from
the top experts in the world and gain access to
the greatest treasures of all time —the gold
nuggets of success. David is so confident you
will love it that he is backing it up with a
completely solid guarantee.

Additionally, as part of David's 24 hour
promotion you will get over $957 in bonuses! I
nearly fell off my chair when I saw what he put
together. You may want to be sitting down
yourself because it could knock you over (with
joy). Here’s the link for you to go directly to
his offer:

* * * Ever Heard Of Tapping? * * *

This is powerful stuff, friends! Here is a message
from our friends at the EFT World Summit:

In our ongoing mission of discovery to find new
ways to help you create the life of your dreams,
we’ve found something that you may want to take a
close look at.

It starts this Monday, April 20 so you may
want to get registered for this virtual online
event right away…

There is a very simple process called emotional
freedom techniques, or EFT, that involves
“tapping” on certain acupressure points and
seemingly like magic, you can dissolve away
anxiety, fear, trauma, blocks to your success,
obstacles to prosperity and so much more…

All the most significant teachers and mentor of
the Law of Attraction emphasize that clearing out
energy blocks, coming into true alignment with
what you want to attract and matching that
vibration is the fastest and most effective way
to put the Law of Attraction into action in your

Ah, but as easy as that may sound…most of the
people we encounter still have that one HUGE
hurdle to overcome: finding and releasing
whatever is blocking your success, your perfect
relationship, your prosperity, your
happiness...whatever it is that you really desire
in your life…

Any of this sound familiar?

There really must be something to this because
the process is being used and endorsed by some of
the major players in the health and personal
development industry like Jack Canfield, Bob
Proctor, Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle, featured
teachers from The Secret…and Dr. Joseph Mercola,
Bruce Lipton, Dr. Norm Shealy…both the medical
and alternative health communities are coming
together around this technique…

The organizers of the EFT World Summit have put
together an amazing event featuring 9 consecutive
days of FREE presentations from some of the top
experts and Masters of EFT in the world.

Can you afford NOT to attend this event? (and
after all, it IS free…) You can learn all about
his here:

Up to now, over 22,000 people just like you have
decided to attend this event. It’s the biggest
event in EFT history…in fact, it may be one of
the biggest online events of any kind…

Care to join them? Here’s your chance…and there
will be very cool surprises in store
too…including some special guest interviews that
you’ll really enjoy!

* * * Inspirational thought * * *

"You are never given a wish without also being
given the power to make it come true." —Richard

With gratitude,

Speaker, Radio Personality and
International Media Specialist
co-host, "Blurb!" www.blogtalkradio/blurb
#1 Bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules!

15% of the proceeds of this book goes to
The National Breast Cancer Foundation.®
Think Pink!

P.S. Are You Ready to Learn all the Insider
Publicity Secrets to Help Make you a Bestselling
Author? I will reveal everything I've learned
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