Monday, March 2, 2009


* * * Quote of the Week * * *

True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well
done, the zest of creating things new. - Antoine
de Saint Exupéry, 1900-1944, French Writer and

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

Just came back from an amazing week at the San
Miguel writers conference when I met superstars
such as Todd Gitlan and amazing journalist Nina
Burleigh. I taught a 2 day workshop and had a
great time! Went to an oscar party at a local
theartre, and had some great Mexican food. An
all around wonderful experience.

On the way home, I met a couple that was on their
way to the Maury Povich show. A married couple,
not sure if the baby was his or not. I asked
what the husband did and he answered, “I am

As I asked more questions, his amazing
story began to emerge. He had been homeless 7
times, before joining the army. One day, he and
a friend were walking down the highway, when a
drunk truck driver came barreling down the road.
He pushed his friend out of the way, saving his
life. However, he got run over, leg crushed. His
brain was oozing out his ears. He had a near
death experience, and was considered “expired”
for a full 20 minutes. Fully recovered, he now
has a titanium leg, and is now a new husband and
father, committed to his child, weather
biologically his or not.

Book coach in high gear kicked in. Before the end
of the flight, I had him come up with a title for
his book, a chapter outline, and plans for him to
become a motivational speaker. There is nothing
that gives me more pleasure than creating new
hope and a bright future.

I am here to encourage you, and let you know that
ANYONE that would like to change their life
through writing a book, can, and I will help
you! If you can speak, you can write. There are
ways to write a book quite easily and I will help
you every step of the way. Call. Write. Write!
I know I'm right!

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* * * Inspirational thought * * *

Quality means doing it right when no one is
looking. - Henry Ford, 1863-1947, American
Industrialist and Founder of Ford Motor Company

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget to call
your mother-in-law, if only to ask how she is

With gratitude,

Speaker, Radio Personality and
International Media Specialist
#1 Bestseller
co-host, "Blurb!"

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writing a book to life, then, how to get FREE

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Renaissance said...

That's an really inspirational story Sally, thanks for sharing.

I want to write my own book some day so I'm totally loving your work!