Monday, March 9, 2009

Sally’s Newsletter, Tuesday March 10th, 2009

* * * Quote of the Week * * *

"When someone does something good, applaud! You
will make two people happy." - Samuel Goldwyn,
1879-1974, American Motion Picture Producer

* * * Sally Commentary * * *

Quick update for those following this newsletter.
Re: the couple I met on the flight back from
Mexico who were on their way to the Maury show
who didn’t know if the baby belonged to the
husband or not. Well, good news – it was his!

* * * A New NING Site * * *

Please come and join my new NING site at where the first 10
members to sign up will receive a copy of the
newly illustrated 2nd edition of the
Daughter-in-Law Rules eBook. It’s fun. It’s
fast. It’s free! Share stories, situations,
circumstances and most of all, silliness!

* * * The Law of Giving Back * * *

Have you heard that IF you just keep everything
to yourself, you will get very little back?

Have you heard that IF you just keep everything
to yourself, you will never see the true
abundance in your life?

You see...

It said that when you give back to society, you
will always live your life with wealth, respect,
and love.

This is the reason why it is important for me to
give you the resources that will help you achieve
your goals. You can download it all at:

Included are many self-help books that will keep
your mindset positive in this negative society
and during challenging circumstances.

I love this stuff, and it works in my life. Check
it out now! You will love this stuff!


I had such an overwhelming response about my new
media manual, Publicity Secrets Revealed: What
Every PR Firm Doesn’t Want You to Find Out!
However, the overriding comment was that it was
too much information, all at once.

So... of course, you ask, I listen! Because
sometimes it’s just easier to learn in small,
bite-sized pieces, one step at at time:

Organized, sequential, and at your own pace, each
of the PDF mini-modules below comes with a 1:1
private coaching session, designed to help me,
Sally, tailor a customized marketing plan
specifically for you. You can purchase any of the
below mini- modules at a fraction of the cost of
PSR by visiting:

... and scrolling down underneath Publicity Secrets
Revealed, in the left hand column.

1. What Every Successful Author Needs to Know
about Setting Up their Website (that most authors
do not know about!)

2. Everything You Need to Know about How to
Contact the Media (and the 7 Hook Strategies to
be timely and Get Booked NOW)

3. How to Sell your Book to Organization and
Corporations in Large Quantities (that will make
you more money in one day that most authors make
in a lifetime!)

4. How to Create Your Non-Negotiable Almighty
“Elevator Pitch!” (that will create curiosity and
have the media begging for more!)

5. How to Create an Eye-Catching Media Release
(that will have the media clamoring to interview

6. How to Create the Perfect Press Release (that
PRNewswire and other national media outlets will
take seriously)

7. Everything You Need to know to Create a Killer
Press Kit to Get Booked on Radio (that will have
the media calling you for interviews!)

8. How to Create an Amazing Sales Page (that
will have your readers whipping out their

9. How to Get Thousands of Dollars in Corporate
Sponsorships (with a simple 10 page power-point

10. The Top 10 Little-Known Amazonian Secrets to
Drive TONS of Traffic to Your Book (and 101 OTHER
ways to market your book, product or service)

11. Everything you need to know to get started
with Social Networking (in order to make tidal
waves and create your own BUZZ

* * * Inspirational thought * * *

"Nine tenths of education is encouragement." -
Anatole France, 1844-1924, French Author

Have a beautiful week, and don't forget to call
your mother-in-law, if only to ask how she is

With gratitude,

Speaker, Radio Personality and
International Media Specialist
#1 Bestseller

P.S. Let me coach YOU to bring your dream of
writing a book to life, then, how to get FREE

No matter if you’ve written the sequel to Moby
Dick or simply have an IDEA percolating in the
sinews of your imagination, I will help you
fulfill your dream of bringing YOUR book to life.
I will then outline step-by-step FORMULA for
exactly how to reach bestseller status, AND will
share insider secrets that only the top 2% of
successful authors know (and what every PR firm
doesn’t want you to find out about how to get
TONS of publicity – for FREE)!

Please contact me at to
arrange for a complimentary 1:1 consultation to
discuss your personal coaching needs and to help
create a custom-tailored marketing plan to help
you fulfill your dream of becoming a published
author, and exactly how to reach bestseller

15% of the proceeds of this book will go
to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.®
Think Pink!

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